RE: Cosmic Muons

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 09:35:12 +0200

Dear Turgay

Just a few comments which may help you solve some of your problems.
First the most obvious, you are using a MGNFIELD card while you are not
assigning magnetic field to any region (via the ASSIGNMA card). Is it
really what you want to do ?

Also looking at the energy deposition and stars in the output file, for
the (large) number of particles I have been running, I only found
interactions in region R3. As you are not using any biasing techniques I
suggest to try the LAM-BIAS card in the regions (materials) where no
interactions occur.

Hope it helps



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Subject: Cosmic Muons

Dear FLUKA users,
I want to see cosmic muons in atmosphere emanated from 2E+6 primary 4GeV protons.
I simulated 100 atmospheric layers.As a result, anticipated muon fluxes couldn't obtain.
I attached my input files.Can you help me about my input errors, please?
With my best wishes.

Turgay Korkut
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