RE: Coordinates of prototypes and replicas

From: Chrysostomos Valderanis <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 08:12:30 +0200

Dear Stefan,

Thank you very much for your answer. I will definitely try it out! But I
still have a question. In my input file I dont give rotation indexes
explicitely. I use rotation names and let Fluka calculate the correct
index. So, is there also a subroutine to return the transformation index
from the transformation name? (something like GEON2L and GEON2R).

Thank you,

ps. Since I give the same name to more than one transformations, so that
fluka can use all of them, I do hope that the above requested subroutine
name does return an array of indexes.


From: Stefan Roesler
Sent: Sun 03/10/2010 20:27
Cc: Chrysostomos Valderanis Subject: Re: Coordinates of prototypes and replicas

Hi Makis

This info is not in a common but you have to do the transformation calling
the subroutine DOTRSF


Set NPOINT=1, KROTAT=index of your transformation and XPOINT, YPOINT,
ZPOINT to the point which you want to transform.

Be careful, XPOINT, YPOINT, ZPOINT are both input and output variables,
i.e. the original value will be overwritten in DOTRSF. Thus, save the
original coordinates first on a local variable and use them in the DOTRSF
parameter list.


From: Chrysostomos Valderanis <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:30:47 +0200


I have a geometry based on the use of LATTICE cards with the
corresponding ROT-DEFI cards. When looking for the x,y,z coordinates of
a particle from (TRACKR), I get the absolute coordinates of it. What I
would like to have access to, is to the equivalent "prototype"
coordinates. Is there a way to get this information out from some common

Thank you in advance,
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