RE: Can Flair's Python functions be used in end-user scripts?

From: Alexandr Malusek <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 13:01:56 +0200

Hi Vasilis,

Thank you for the answer. I wasn't aware of this feature of Flair.
It solves my problem.


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  Hi Alexandr,

there is already the mechanism inside flair for that.
You go to the "Plot List" frame select all the plots and click on the
"Eyes" it will display the plots and create all the postscript files.

You could do it also with a small python script, but the functionality
for the moment is not decoupled with the interface therefore you would
have to initialize the interface.


On 10/13/10 20:08, Alexandr Malusek wrote:
> Dear FLUKA users,
> Is there an easy way of using Flair's Python functions in end-user scripts?
> An example: I plot some figures directly via Gnuplot. To do so, I plot the
> data via Flair first, and then, in Gnuplot, I use the file
> case01_usrbin_61_plot.dat generated by Flair. I need to press the "Plot"
> button in Flair for each of the 10 "detectors" in the file. I would like
> to automate the process since I have several files with many detectors
> inside. For instance by calling a script that would:
> - read the binary file case01_usrbin_61_plot
> - write _plot.dat files for each detector (fluence_of_protons_plot.dat,
> fluence_of_neutrons_plot.dat, ...)
> I know that Flair was designed to provide a graphical user interface. But
> the functions to process the data are already there.
> Regards,
> Alexandr
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