dose in different angles

From: Hamideh Jalali <>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 23:26:09 +0330

Dear FLUKA user

I am going to score gamma and neutron ambient dose equivalent in 0 and
90 degrees when a 3 GeV electron beam strike target. For this I've
used USRBDX but it seems there are some things wrong with my input:
the results in all angles intervals are zero.
I couldn't find any logical relation between the total response of
I ran the input for 100 histories but when I increase the number of
histories to 1000 the run is crashed.
I'm not sure about the unit of ambient dose equivalent in different
estimators. I think its unit in USRBDX is psv/ and
in USRTRACK is psv/cm3. GeV/primary and in USRBIN is psv/primary. Am
I right?

I would be thankful for your help.

ps, the input is attached

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