Re: why some regions show 0 deposited enery values in some circles,

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 13:20:43 -0800 (PST)

Hi Danny,

WHAT(2) in the AUXSCORE command must be a particle (e.g. NEUTRON) or a
family of particles (e.g. NUCLEONS). But generalized particles which are
not families of particles are not allowed. This is the list:
ENERGY (208) EM-ENRGY (211) FISSIONS (219) HE-FISS (220) LE-FISS (221)
NEU-BALA (222) DOSE (228) UNB-ENER (229) UNB-EMEN (230) X-MOMENT (231)
Y-MOMENT (232) Z-MOMENT (233) ACTIVITY (234) ACTOMASS (235) SI1MEVNE (236)
HADGT20M (237) DOSE-EQ (240)
I am sorry that this is not written in the manual, and not accounted for
in FLAIR: a correction will be made in the next released version.

You had an AUXSCORE with WHAT(2) = DOSE and one with WHAT(2) = ENERGY.
Both are not allowed.
Something similar is true for USRBDX and USRTRACK: they are supposed to
calculate a fluence of particles, or of a family of particles, but it has
no meaning to calculate a fluence of DOSE, as you had in one of your
USRTRACK commands.
An exception is ENERGY. You have that too (a USRTRACK with WHAT(2) =
ENERGY), but I don't know if you realize that ENERGY in a fluence detector
does not mean "energy deposition" but "energy fluence", which is a
completely different thing.


On Wed, 29 Dec 2010, ??? wrote:

> Hi,

> As for the first question,you're right.As i raised the primaries number in
> magnitude,values of scoring deposited energy by region no longer stick to
> 0,but the variance is quite large among different circles.In this
work,in my
> opinion,deposited energy and dose in the water regions are basiclly derived
> from photons which comes from the bremsstrahlung of electrons.And now i
> to reduce the variance by assign a splitting factor to the electrons which
> have bremsstrahlung effect to give birth to photons in some designaated
> regions,for example,the target and other components of the electron
> accelerator and the water rigion.How could i do this with flair?I have
> the BIASING card and the EMF-BIAS card from fluka manual,but i could't
make it
> out.
> As for the second question,i would attach my input files and outfiles to
> letter.By the way,the AUXSCORE card seems not to work for there is no
> dose results in the corresponding USRXXX output files. Thank you so much
> your help.Wish you happy New Year.
> Yours,
> Danny
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> ??: Re: why some regions show 0 deposited enery values in some circles,
> Hi Danny,
>> i choose electron as particle source,and i score DEPOSTIED ENERGY and
>> dose by region.i want to detect the pdd in water,so i creat 30 regions
>> in the a bigger water region.i run for a few circles,but among these 30
>> regions,some show 0 deposited energy values in some circles,while in
>> other circles they don't show 0 deposited energy values anymore.and as i
>> increase the primaries,some regions (which show 0 values in a less
>> primaries run) begin to show deposited energy value which no longer
>> equal to 0,but some regions still stick to show 0 value of deposited
>> energy values.
> All this is easily explained by the lack of statistics. There are too few
> primaries in each cycle.
>> what's more,all 30 regions show 0 dose results in all
>> circles.what's wrong?
> In this case, something is wrong (if there is energy deposition, there
> must be also dose). But you haven't given us any useful information.
> Please send your input and output files
> Alberto
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