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From: Hamideh Jalali <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 12:26:10 +0330

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Dear Sunil

Thanks a lot for your response. But this part of is a little vague for me:

> The steradian can be converted to unit area at a distance (solid angle sr to cm-2, you can use the ICRP or Maurizio Pelliccioni's fluence to
dose conversioncoefficients given in units of pSvcm2 and obtain dose
As I mentioned I normalize results to surface area so I get dose
equivalent in pSv/ which means I've use fluence to dose
conversion coefficients in units of pSvcm2 once. Now if I convert sr
to cm-2 which coefficients can omit cm-2. And what is the correct
value of r? Is it optional!?

Kind Regards

> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Hamideh Jalali <> wrote:
>> Dear FLUKA users
>> In my problem a 3GeV electron beam strike a target of iron and I'm
>> going to score gamma and neutron dose equivalent in angles 0 and 90
>> degree with respect to beam direction around the wall of concrete. So
>> I used USRYIELD for this aim but in 0 degree, the results are one or
>> two order less than what I expected and  in 90 degree, the results are
>> zero. Please guide me where I am wrong?
>> The other question, as I've got I can set angles in USRYIELD in radian
>> or degree but the results are in sr and if I normalize results to
>> surface area I will obtain dose equivalent in pSv/ Now
>> I want to find dose equivalent in pSv/primary, is it correct if I
>> multiply cumulative spectrum by angular interval width in radian?
>> the input file is attached.
>> Best Regards
>> Hamideh
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