Energy deposition

From: beatrice pomaro <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 18:26:28 +0100

Dear Fluka users,
        can you please have a look to the input file in attachment:
the problem is represented by a target made of UC2 which is directly
impinged by a proton beam (300microA, 70MeV), within a concrete
target bunker. I used IRRPROFI to model a beam working 5000hours/year
than stopping, for totally 9years.
I am interested in the results in terms of energy deposition
[Gev/(cm3 primary)] on the slice of shielding just in front of the
target source. However in the USRBIN files I have negative values of
energy deposition and 'INF' strings.
Can you address me where the problem is, please?
If I do not assign an IRRPROFI card for the beam irradiation profile
does, in this case, the energy deposition correspond to time=0?

Many thanks for your help,

Beatrice Pomaro

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