Re: Which cards are best to score PDD?

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 15:23:42 +0100

I guess by PDD you mean Percent Depth Dose?
Score dose with USRBIN, and normalize the results using the formula

PDD = (D_z / D_max) * 100

where D_z is the dose at distance z, and D_max the dose at the
reference distance (usually zero, or the distance at which dose is maximum).

Other cards of interest for such a calculation are those setting
energy cutoffs for delta ray production: EMFCUT and DELTARAY.


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> Dear all,
> PDD is an important value in medical physics.So I wonder which cards,in
> FLUKA,are best to score PDD.
> Any suggestion will be helpful.
> Yours,
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