Inelastic interactions below 20 MeV

From: Sunil C <>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 14:28:55 +0530

Hi All

I have been trying to score some neutrons emerging from inelastic
interactions using the USRYILED option by setting WHAT(4) = -1 and WHAT(5)-2.
with lead as the target material and neutrons as the primary particle.

While I can see results above 20 MeV incident energy, it falls to 0.0 right
below that.

Since there should be some interactions happening below about 15 MeV in the
case of Pb and many other materials;

1. Are such interactions invoked at all below 20 MeV (19.6 MeV to be
precise) due to the group structure?

2. Or is it just a matter of scoring through some other technique?

Thanks a lot

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