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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 16:46:05 +0100


I see several possible issues in your source.f file :
1) You don't declare the format of your variables, so their format will
be the default one.
For instance, alpha must be real double precision. And if I were you, I
would write R = 8750.d0 and same thing for r, ZBEAM, etc.
2) Your height is 100 cm in Z, so distributed between Z=0 and Z=100 ?
In this case, the code would be ZBEAM = ZMIN - ((ZMIN -
ZMAX)*FLRNDM(ZDUMMY)) for a linear "pseudo-homegenous" distribution.
3) XBEAM = r*cos(alpha), YBEAM = r*sin(alpha)
4) you could also use included routine SFECFE(COST, SINT) which return
already the two numbers you wanted
5) You did not define any direction cosine (UBEAM, VBEAM, WBEAM). In
case of isotropy, you should write some logic too.

Hope it helps.
Best regards.

Le 14/03/2011 14:46, Hamideh Jalali wrote :
> Hi
> It seems there is a problem with my attachment so I send them again.
> Regards
> On 3/11/11, Hamideh Jalali<> wrote:
>> Dear FLUKA Users
>> In my problem I modified subroutine source to get a circular electron
>> beam which travels in a ring of air in x-y plane and height of 100cm
>> (z=100).
>> I expected to get uniform fluence of photons and electrons and dose
>> around the ring but USRBIN results show something just in the small
>> area of ring.
>> Please guide me where is I am wrong. Is there any way to score the
>> trace of beam?
>> Kind Regards
>> Hamideh
>> ps the input and source.f is attached.
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