Re: Release of Fluka2011.2

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 22:30:46 +0200

Dear Danny,

> I have downloaded and installed this new version of FLUKA.But I still
> can't run.It says,in the ERROR in the output file,"This version is
> obsolete...".In the CHECK FOR UPDATES in FLAIR,it shows that my FLUKA
> installed version is 2011.2,and the web version is 2011.2.0.Why can't I
> run since I have installed 2011.2 version of FLUKA?

are you using your own executable instead of flukahp? If this is the case,
you shall recompile and link it.

> What's more,in the CHECK FOR UPDATES in FLAIR,it shows my FLAIR
> installed version is 0.9.0,and the web version is 0.9.2.So I have
> downloaded flair-0.9.2 noarch.rpm in the website.During the process of
> installation of it,"flair= 0.9-0 is needed by package
> flair-geoviewer-0.9-0.i386" came to me.So I downloaded
> flair-geoviewer-0.9-0.i386,and during its installation
> process,"flair=0.9-2 is needed by package
> flair-geoviewer-0.9-2.i386(/flair-geoviewer-0.9-2.i386)" came to me.I
> couldn't install FLAIR-0.9.2 and flair-geoviewer.

Uninstal flair-geoviewer-0.9-0.i386 from your system, then update the
flair version and eventually install flair-geoviewer-0.9-2.i386

Hope this helps


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