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Dear Ferrari,
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To speak more specifically,I want to simulate a neutron source coming into
a region stuffed respectively by Gd-155 and Gd-157.I want to see the photon
 deposition by energy.As these two isotopes have different neutron cross
sections,the results should be different.I have used the LOW-MAT card,only to
 find that the library contains cross-sections for the natural gadolinium,
at two different temperatures,but not for gadolinium isotopes,while
cross-sections for isotopes of Hydrogen and Lithium,for example,are
I'm not sure whether the cross-sections for the natural gadolinium
contained in the library are derived from all the isotopes of
gadolinium,according to their natural storage.If so,can I extract them?
So how can I associate the isotopes of gadolininium (that I create in
MATERIAL card) with the neutron cross sections of the GD isotopes

Best regrads,

> Dear all,
> I want to simulate the following reaction;
> n + Gd -> Gd(*) ...(1)
> Gd(*)-> Gd +garma ...(2)
> If I assign different mass number to Gd in reaction (1),that is to say
> isotopes of Gd,there will be isotopes of Gd(*) coming out,which leads to
> different energy distributions of garma in reaction(2).
> And when I assign different mass number to Gd and I use USRTRACK card to
> see the energy distribution of garma, the values of garma energy peak ar=
> exactly the same.So I wonder if Gd with mass number 155 and 157,for
> example,share the same neutron cross section,in the circumstance of a
> constant neutron energy.
> Yours,
> Danny
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