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Dear Vasilis,

What if the meterial that I create is not H-2,but other isotopes,
gadolinium-155 and gadolinium-157,for example,so how to associate
these 2 isotopes with the neutron cross section,as the library only
contains the natural gadolinium-neutron cross section, but not gadolinium
(155 or 157)-neutron cross section?

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Options Z: 1, Am: 2.0079, A: 2, rho: 0.0000821(or what ever gas density you need)
The most important is to specify the Z and A
then you can create your heavy water using the DEUTERIU material


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Dear all,
In FLAIR,how to add isotope.For example,what can I do to add DEUTERON(gas)

and heavy water?It seems to have not enough information in the manual.
Best regards,

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