setting cutoff

From: Hamideh Jalali <>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 10:16:27 +0330

Dear FLUJA Experts

I have programmed a FLUKA input for gas bremstrhlung production with
no EMFCUT card and got some results. Then I ran it by setting the
proposed cutoffs in gasbrem.inp (the example of fluka documentation)
via using EMFCUT card with no sdum and sdum PROD-CUT.
Comparison the results showed considerable difference. So some
questions came to my mind:
I thought setting cutoffs helps users to get more accurate results but
this significant difference ( 5 order of magnitude) caused the
question that what is the role of EMFCUT card?Is it a necessary card
for any problem?
And what is the criteria to set cutoffs and production thresholds? for
example how have the values 0.000561 GeV for e+/e- production
threshold for air and iron and 0.01 GeV for material GAS(air in
target) gotten in gasbrem.inp ? or Transport cutoff 50 keV
(electrons), 1 keV (photons) for defined regions.

  Thanks in advance
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