RE: Random seed (RANDOMIZE)

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:03:57 +0000


> ... Chris proposal is naive and un-workable, and against what whichever Monte Carlo does for godd reasons. Of course it would make it impossible to have
> subsequent cycles following the same sequence, debugging the code etc etc.

with all due respect but I beg to differ on this point. The approach that I
describe is nothing new and actually implemented in various Monte Carlo codes,
admittedly in the CG domain, but this is not of concern for this discussion.

The approach is simply to revert the default behavior that FLUKA currently exhibits.
So mathematically nothing changes at all. More specifically, it would mean
deterministic selection of predefined seeds as an option for debugging and development,
while starting from (pseudo)random seeds as a default. However, this does not
mean that the user would be prevented from selecting a seed himself, but he
would not be forced to do so to get independent runs.
It is true that mathematically it cannot be fully excluded that the same seed would be
re-used if generated in a pseudo-random manner, but given the periodicity of modern
RNG or the application of for example a VIA mobo the probability can be kept
at an almost zero level.

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