Re: Workstation dedicated for FLUKA

From: Oscar Frasciello <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 14:01:50 +0200

Hi Tomasz,
i can't answer you exactly about specific FLUKA requirements, but i can
give you some (i hope useful) hints.
  From my experience, a simple 5-cycles simulation takes a time of about
25 hs on a University cluster and about
26 hs on Frascati National Laboratories of INFN LXPLUS machine. I found
today that on my new laptop
(Lenovo x220, Intel i5 cpu, 4GB RAM DDR2, 260 GB hd) on FLAIR the
estimated time to complete the simulation
is only 17 hs! It's unbelievable for me, but that's the situation. So i
should suggest you Lenovo Workstations for
your FLUKA work. Apart from the excellent quality of this type of
machines, the specific above mentioned FLUKA task
can be strongly addressed to restrict your choice range.


Il 01/08/2011 13:31, Tomasz Cybulski ha scritto:
> Hello!
> I am going to buy a workstation that will be mostly dedicated for
> FLUKA runs. I am just wondering if anyone could give me some hints about
> the optimum computer requirements that a FLUKA computer should have?
> Particularly, I have in mind the hard disks, processor(s') speed and
> #cores, RAM etc.
> Thank you very much in advance for your help,
> Tomasz
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