Re: Depth dose curve of a photon spectrum

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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 13:30:34 +0500

Dear Patrick,
the difference in the depth dose may be due to the lack of EMFCUT card in the input files. Pl assign the EMFCUT in the input to arrive at the correct values as the default cutoff values for photon and electrons are higher.

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Date: Monday, August 8, 2011 4:51 pm
Subject: Depth dose curve of a photon spectrum

> Hello everybody,
> i send an email before, but i think i did a mistake while sending
> the mail.
> Additionally i found a mistake in my source.f file which i have
> corrected.
> So here is my problem.
> I want to work with a discrete photon spectrum. For this a modified
> the source.f file from one of the Fluka courses, so that it
> produced a
> discrete spectrum.
> I tried the discrete.f file with proton and two Energies with same
> probability and got two Bragg Peaks as expected in the depth dose
> curves. So I think my source is ok.
> Now i am trying the photon spectrum, with the same source file.
> But when i am comparing the depth dose curves of Fluka with other
> programs there are big differences, indeed i am using the same
> spectrum data and the same simulation geometry in every program.
> Is there an additional transport card or something like that which i
> have to use in order to get better results?
> A attached every file and a picture of my comparison, the red dotted
> curve is the data of fluka.
> Thanks for your help and i hope that there will be only this mail and
> not the first one mentioned above. If there will be both, i am sorry.
> Patrick Dethlof
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