Re: Activation by photons(low MeV)

From: Patrick Dethlof <>
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 21:19:16 +0200

Hello everybody,

i add a lam-bias card and got some nuclide but i did not get the
nuclide a expected. I am irradiating bone with a 15MV spectrum i want
to get K-38, K-40 and C-11.

The only nuclide i got is K-40 and in the real measurment it was
indeed very low like in my simulation.

The problem is, that i did not get K-38 and C-11.

One time i forgot to add the source card so that i was irradiating
with 20MeV Photons and this time i got additional the C-11 nuclide.
but the real measurement was with the 15MV spectrum.

About the K-38 i am quiet unsure if it is a nuclide of bone or if
there might be rest of meat in or at the bone because i did not do the

Thanks for your help


2011/8/28 Santana, Mario <>:
> Patrick,
> Use the LAM-BIAS card to enhance the photonuclear reactions, a factor of
50 is typical (WHAT(2)=0.02).
> Mario
> On Aug 25, 2011, at 4:00 AM, Patrick Dethlof wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> i am trying simulations to activate bone, muscle, steel or lead by a
>> 15MV photon spectrum in order to compare them with measurements.
>> But i did not get any results in my resnuclei scoring.
>> When i used protons or neutrons i got results, but this is not really
>> what i want.
>> I attached my inp file and my source file with the needed spectrum.dat.
>> Is there a physic missing, which i have to activate? Especiallyi
>> wonder if there will be a neutron transport in my simulation.
>> Thanks for your help
>> Patrick Dethlof
>> <linearPunkt.f><run.inp><spectrum.dat>

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