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Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 17:45:55 +0200

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Subject: Licensing question about Fluka, who shall I contact?
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As a system administrator at IPHC, a Public Laboratory of CNRS
(http://www.iphc.cnrs.fr/), I was requested by local users to deploy a
system-wide copy of Fluka, which is the best way to install and use
software, and ease the burden of installation/upgrade/maintenance out of
the physicist to let them concentrate on their own work, while letting
that to me, obviously my job.

Unfortunately, while reading the license I came up to thats section:
"FLUKA is licensed for Use by the Licensee only, and the Licensee shall
not market, distribute, transfer, license or sub-license, or in any way
make available ("Make Available") FLUKA or Modifications, in whole or in
part, to third parties, without prior written permission. The Licensee
shall not assign or transfer this license.", which prevent me to do a
system-wide installation, as I would transfer the ability to use the
software to others.

So I have several questions:

- What are the conditions to get a site-wide license at IPHC, so that I
could deploy it for our local users?

- What could be the conditions to get a local installation on our
LGC-Grid system, thus allowing any registered LCG user of our supported
VO (ALICE, CMS, and a few others) to use the code?

Who shall I contact to get answers?

Thanks for your help,

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