RE: Using res. nuc. inventory for different shielding config.

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 14:33:31 +0000

Dear Mina,

If you want to try different shielding configuration I would do as suggested
by Thomas in your earlier post and identify the relevant isotopes analytically
using the gamma-constant. Then for each relevant isotopes (or each type of
emitters for the sake of simplicity ?) I would do a calculation with a
cylindrical or Cartesian source depending on the shape of your gas container,
and use the HI-PROPE card to specify which isotope decay to consider (primary
will be sampled from the isotope decay...). Then you can know for example that
for each Bq of decay of a given isotope homogeneously distributed inside your
gas container you associate a given dose rate on contact of your shielding...
Hope this help


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Subject: Using res. nuc. inventory for different shielding config.

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to use a residual nuclei inventory (at a given coolin
time) as a source (isotropic) to assess different
rad. decay shielding configurations?

Thank you and best wishes,
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