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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 15:09:38 +0400

Hi, Z.F.Lee,

You can do such as (like this):
1. Use USRBDX with energy range from 1e-14 to 20e-3 GeV.
2. Use USRBDX with energy range from 1e-6 (or bin boundary of
    the multigroup algorithm structure) to 20e-3 GeV.
3. Subtract total response of USRBDX n.2 from total response of USRBDX n1.


On Sep 19, 2011 , Lucia Sarchiapone <> wrote:

the USRBDX response to neutrons fluence follows the multigroup algorithm
structure. It means that if the energy range you are interested in,
falls in the interval 1e-14GeV down to 20 MeV, then the binning will
always be the one used for the transport of neutrons (well explained in
the manual).
You can only set your own binning out of that range.
I hope this will explain you doubt,


On Sep 17, 2011 03:02 PM, lzfneu <> wrote:

> Dear fluka users,
> I used USRBDX card to calculate the neutron penetration fluence in the
> neutron energy range from 1e-14 to 1e-6 GeV, but I met a problem: the
> total respond ( Tot. resp. (Part/cmq/pr) 1.019296 +/- 0.2466720
> %) of USRBDX card always output the energy range from 1e-14 GeV to
> beam
> energy, irrespective of the max energy that I set in the usrbdx card.
> It
> seems that the max energy that I set was not considered by the USRBDX
> card. I don't know what's wrong.
> Could anybody help me to cope with this problem to calculate the
> neutron
> penetration fluence from 1e-14 to 1e-6 GeV using USRBDX card or any
> other
> idea to come up with a better solution than this one!
> I have attached my input files in the attachment and any help will be
> appreciated!
> Thanks in advance!
> Z.F.Lee
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