Re: Release of Fluka2011.2.7: respin of Fluka2011.2

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 18:23:21 +0100

Hi all

the issue with the gfortran version (and the gfortran version only), is
that it has been built on gfortran 4.6.1 (we upgraded recently our
machines) and the gfortran developers apparently didn't find any
better joke than changing in between gfortran 4.5.x and gfortran 4.6.x
the names of some internal compiler procedures, in particular those that
in the past were called


are now called


so obviously fluka compiled on 4.6.x it does not link on 4.5.x or 4.4.x
(and possibly viceversa, to be checked)

Without commenting on the sadistic attitude of the gfortran developers,
if what I described above holds true to a deeper investigation, there is
no simple solution. One possibility is for the user to upgrade their
gfortran compiler to 4.6.x (very uncomfortable to say the least), or for
us to build a version on some remaining machines still with gfortran 4.5.1
and provide two versions if required (maybe the one compiled on 4.5.x
links on 4.6.x). It is clear that this kind of incompatible changes
between compiler sub-versions if confirmed are a major pain...

Meawhile for those experiencing these problems the g77 version works as

I would like also to warn all users running with gfortran 4.4.x
(eg those on Scientific Linux) that we have evidence that gfortran 4.4.x
can miscompile Fluka routines. It is not an issue if you only link the
standard executable from a library compiled with 4.5.x or higher, it can
be a major problem if you have user routines, which obviously you compile
locally with gfortran 4.4.x. We had one group which clearly demonstrated
this problem recently with their source routine.
Again, we are powerless versus compiler incompatibilities/bugs, we can
only suggest to upgrade the compiler in this case.


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On Wed, 16 Nov 2011, Joseph Comfort wrote:

> Hi Alfredo,
> I also had trouble installing Fluka2011.2.7. From an earlier habit, even the
> command
> flutil/lfluka -m fluka
> (nearly the same as 'make flukahp') does not work. The error messages are
> essentially the same as previously reported. Note that ...2.6 was fine. I
> had expected a quick message about a correction. The file I downloaded in
> not useable, and has been deleted.
> Joe
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