How to calculate fragmentation cross-section

From: Ogawa Tatsuhiko <>
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:24:31 +0900

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have one question on the function of ENDRAW of mgdraw.f.

In order to score energy deposition of heavy ions penetrating a pair of
scintillators (NE102 telescope), I requested to output RULL in every
energy deposition event, however, it was
* always zero for ions
* sometimes zero for protons
* always non-zero for heavy recoils and neutrons
(continuous energy losses were not scored?)

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how can I get energy
deposition by individual heavy ions in particular regions.

Because I also need time of flight information , DETECT card is not
Attached is the input file and mgdraw.f subroutine.

Many thanks in advance,

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