Silicon damage weighting functions for other particles

From: Paul Miyagawa <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 10:55:01 +0000


I plotted the particle contributions to the SI1MEVNE fluences (using fluscw.f and USERWEIG). I am finding that particles other than protons, neutrons, charged pions and electrons are contributing to the 1 MeV fluences (see flu_v_r.png). I checked that adding the individual contributions from each particle type adds up to what the default SI1MEVNE returns (see fluratio.png for ratio of sum(individual particles) / default SI1MEVNE). Looking in the Fluka job output, I see silicon damage weighting functions only for protons, neutrons, charged pions and electrons. For other particles (such as kaons, anti-protons, lambdas, sigmas, etc), how does Fluka treat them? Does it assign the weighting function from a similar particle (so kaons use pion weighting function)? If so, are these mappings documented anywhere?

Thanks for your help.


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