MGDRAW Directional Cosines

From: John Clem <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 12:27:12 -0500

Hi All,

I have a question concerning the data stored in the TRACKR common
specifically when accessed through MGDRAW (USERDUMP card is set to
WHAT(1)=100). It is my understanding from the user manual the parameter
NTRACK is the number of track segments while MTRACK is the number of
energy loss events along the track. XTRACK, YTRACK, ZTRACK represents
the end point of the ith track segment with 0 < i < NTRACK while
DPTRCK(3,j) represents the momentum loss vector of the jth deposition
track as 1 < j < MTRACK.
The current objective is to extract the directional cosines for every
start and end point of a track segment. Now the question: Are the
directional cosines parameters CXTRCK, CYTRCK, CZTRCK associated with
the "i=0" starting point of the track segment(s)? If so, is it then
correct to assume that subsequent end points directional cosines can be
determine from the momentum loss vector DPTRCK?

Thanks, John

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