low energy neutron cross section

From: Xu Lijun <webxu_at_ciae.ac.cn>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 09:53:47 +0800

Dear FLUKA experts,
    Thanks for your return. I checked the C(n,*) cross-section data
again. The large peaks still couldn't be found below 1MeV neutron.But,
there are several peaks above 2MeV due to the elastic scattering, not
due to the inelastic scattering which would happen above 4.8MeV. Now, I
attached the cross-section library what downloaded from the NNDC
website. It's ENDF/B-VII.
    And furthermore, the incident mono-energy neutron in my input files
is 144keV,250keV and 0.5MeV respectively. In the 144keV or 250keV output
pulse height spectrum, there is a mono-energy peak due to the carbon and
oxygen material respectively.But for 0.5MeV output spectrum, there is
only one mono-energy peak due to the carbon material. And, I also
simutlated the above MeV energy incident neutron, the output spectrum is
smooth.So, I couldn't understand these phenomenon. Here, I also attached
my input file, please check it if there are some mistakes so that the
output pul use height spectrum for keV neutron is not smooth as the
experimental spectrum.
Best regards,
                                      Zhang Weihua
P.s. it's me sent the last email from the Xu Lijun email address.

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