Re: peaks in the pulse height spectrum

From: Mary Chin <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 08:37:23 +0100

Dear Weihua,

Indeed you are not the first to encounter this application. It is best to
hear direct from the horse's mouth, Sofia and others.

Given your input file without any user routines, however, you WILL get
those peaks. The cause of those peaks is neither a guess nor a secret. You
can see it yourself via ENTRY ENDRAW in mgrdaw -- when you run the input
file you provided you WILL see recoil kerma causing exactly those peaks.
There is no ambiguity here.


On Sun, 4 Mar 2012, Xu Lijun wrote:

> Dear mary,
> Thanks for your return.
> There is still some¬ phenomena bothering me. I am afraid that peaks appearance not
> because of recoil kinematics. The monte carlo simulation result should be close to the
> experimental spectrum. I am always doing the experiment with TEPC. And I could not explain
> the peaks. I have read papers published by Dr.Sofia Rollet in which the TEPC spectrum
> simulated and there were no mono-energy peaks. I tried to contact her but not successful.
> She once sent email to the fluka discuss.¬ ¬ She may have other advice.
> Best regards,
> 2012-03-04
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