Re: Energy of particles from heavy ion collisions?

From: Samuel Hedges <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 09:26:38 -0700

Dear Francesco,

Thank you for your response. For certain random seeds a cycle in my heavy
ion run will fail, and I'm wondering whether the errors I'm getting are
related to running out of stack space. I am using user routines, but the
runs complete at lower energies and for the majority of the random seeds
I'm using, so I don't think they are the problem. The error messages I get
vary slightly, but one example is:

*** Eveneu: no downsc. group selected, cusngl, rsngl, igpr *** 0.99999982
0.99999988 243

*** Eveneu: no downsc. group selected, cusngl, rsngl, igpr *** 0.99999988
0.99999994 252

*** Frmbrk: we are dealing with a bag of 7 129.96924 identical nucleons, go
on folks! ***

**** Extra isotope tabulation data start at location 251386000 and end at
25139802 (I*4 addr. ) ****

*** Photon: have you got the right mat. data set?

Abort called from SGTTEP reason IETAB > MXTBGE Run stopped!


I'm trying to understand why these certain cycles are failing. Could the
failing cycles be more central collisions that produce more particles,
using all the available FLUKA stack space?

Turning off the COALESCE card seems to allow these failing cycles to
complete, but I do not know why it fixes the error.

Thank you,

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