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From: Santana, Mario <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 10:41:05 -0700

Hi Leila,

So actually now you have trouble to get FLAIR working, not FLUKA. Have a look the README files that are downloaded with the FLAIR

Your problem seems to be that the yum repositories installed in your system (ubuntu? - universal) don't include the software you
need. You can solve that by adding repositories (e.g. rpmforge.repo, sl6-cernonly.repo, slc-other.repo...) to the /etc/yum.repos.d/
folder (you will need to be superuser to do that).
Please note that some repositories may lead to incompatibilities in your system, so be careful. I'd advice to get some local help.
Otherwise, go step by step, there's plenty of information in google and most of the time you can setup the system after some effort.


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Thanks to Mario, Jean-Michel and Jean-Emmanuel, I did what you ask me to do and now I am in the final step.
Can you help me to finalize the installation?
Please see attached file.

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> Hi Leila,
> The message in the screen shot suggests that you don't have write
> permission to that folder (?).
> As a superuser (type 'su' in the terminal and when prompted give your
> password) you can allow to
> write to a folder by typing in the terminal 'chmod a+w local' (from
> one level up in the directory tree). Alternatively you can save the
> fluka tar to a different location and then move it to 'local'
> as a superuser or using the sudo command.=20
> Mario
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> Dear FLUKA-experts,
> I am going to install FLUKA on my computer containing both WindowsXP
> and Vm= ware.
> I am familiar with geant4 and I have a problem to download the tar
> file in = to the FLUKA folder located in the same directory as geant4
> as shown in the= attached screenshot.
> I would appreciate if you give me simple steps to install FLUKA.
> Regards,
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