From: Mary Chin <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 16:33:31 +0200

Dear Roser,

With an isotropic source in vacuum one would indeed expect the source
fluence to fill the space, with zero energy deposition. With a
mono-directional source in a non-vacuum material, on the other hand, the
fluence (not only of protons but also secondary particles) and energy
deposition then depend on 1) what cross-sectional cut you take; 2) how far
the cut is wrt the particle mean free path, which of course depends on
what material(s) the particle(s) traversed.

> I was expecting
*Is your expectation estimated based on the proton range and lateral
spread in the material(s)?

> my geometry to be filled with radiation
*What do you mean by 'filled with radiation'? Fluence, energy deposition,
...? I thought you meant fluence but your input suggests that you wanted
energy deposition.

:) mary

On Thu, 17 May 2012, Roser Farre i Ponsa wrote:

> Hi FLUKA experts and users,
> I have been using URSBIN PLOT. My problem is that the results are not what I
> expected. I was expecting my geometry to be filled with radiation but I obtain
> the results attached.
> My parameters are attached too.
> Can you see anything wrong in my simulation?
> Thank you so much.
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