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From: Zafar Yasin <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 05:59:29 +0000

Hi Vahan,

Thank you for your reply. I need more help from you. In your input file you are using USRTRACK detector for different regions
but using volume=3D1 for all is it ok?

Secondly, you are using USRBDX detector for different regions and using area for each. For target, the area is 1134.44 and it is ok.
But for Concerete and Irbox the area is 960000 and 60000 respectively, and it is too big from one I am calculating.
Can you please guide me how you have calculated thi=
s area?

Best regards,


From: Vahan Petrosyan []
Sent: 25 June 2012 10:41
To: Zafar Yasin
Subject: Re: need FLUKA help

Hi Zafar, I think you should use area volume of region around the target =
for usertrack.

If you want calculate Dose You also can define USRBIN card in your interest=
ed region (volume) with particle type DOSE-EQ (for equivalent dose) and swi=
tch Auxscore card with detector name =3D previously defined detector (Usrbi=
n part:DOSE-EQ (pSv)) and with set:AMB74.
It will calculate Dose in a region you are interested. You can use 1D plot =
of USRBIN card and see spatial dependance of DOSE vs. (x,y,z) Coordinate.

For calculating total dose accumulated in a given region you should use us=
ertrack and integrate it in energies.

I noticed also your photonuc card switched on improperly. I think You shoul=
d define it from Vacuum to TUNGSTEN.


On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Zafar Yasin <<mailto:Za=>> wrote:

Dear Vahan,

I am reading your emails in the fluka discussion and wants some help from y=
ou as my problem is similiar to your one and I am very new to FLUKA.

I have attatched my input file with this email. I want to calculate dose an=
d fluence at a distance of 1m from my target. For this I have defined a reg=
ion (-50, 50; -50, 50; 0, 100) around my target (2cm, 2cm, 0.4cm) and added=
  USRTRACK card for fluence. I am confused about using the area and volume a=
t the isocenter i.e I have to use the area volume of the target or of the r=
egion around the target. I will happy if you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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