Gamma rays

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Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 08:05:14 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Roser,

gamma rays are photons.
To simulate a source of Gamma rays of 1.3 MeV, use a BEAM card with
WHAT(1) = 0.0013 and SDUM = PHOTON.
If the source is isotropic, set WHAT(3) = 7000.
For 60Co, this is an approximation, because 60Co doesn't emit one gamma of
1.3 MeV, but two gammas, one of 1.173 MeV, and one of 1.332 MeV.
If you want to simulate accurately an isotropic 60Co source, use a BEAM card
with WHAT(3) = 7000., all other WHATs = 0., and SDUM = ISOTOPE, and a card HI-PROPE
with WHAT(1) = 27. and WHAT(2) = 60.


> Dear FLUKA users and experts,
> I would like to simulate the effects of gamma rays.
> -I need to simulate a source of Gamma rays of 1.3 MeV. (For exemple a 60Co source)
> -I also need to define the number of the incident photons.
> -This gamma rays interact with a 1.0 mm Si slab.
> My problem is that I didn't find how to simulate gamma rays. May you please
> help me? Thanks.
> Roser
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