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From: sarchia <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 12:22:09 +0200

Hi Iulian, and welcome to the FLUKA community!

For what you are interested in, you could start having a look at some
material easily accessible from the web. The following link is to a
lecture given during one of the FLUKA courses:

While, following this link,

you will find the Course program with an exercise and some useful files
(Friday 11.30-12.00).


Il 10/07/2012 21:51, Badragan, Iulian ha scritto:
> Hi everybody,
> same old story happens again, somebody new joins the FLUKA user group :-)
> So, I want to take the opportunity to greet everybody and briefly introduce myself.
> At present, my main area of interest as far as Monte Carlo simulations go, is Radiation Oncology.
> I've been working for a few years with EGSnrc, but lately came to a point where I need to deal with
> proton and neutron beams, which are not handled by the mentioned software.
> Looking around for alternatives I've found MCNP, Geant& FLUKA. To be honest
> MCNP proved quite a challenge to get, plus other limitations I won't mention now.
> Geant seems based on C++ which I'm not particularly comfortable with, so that leaves
> FLUKA as the only one. I've managed to install it on my Ubuntu machine and started to experiment a bit like any beginner.
> However, before going further, I have to ask you something which I'm not yet clear about...
> Well, apart from source modelling in the end one has to transport radiation through patient
> CT data and score dose. So the question is how CT data can be taken into account in the FLUKA input file, since defi=
> ning by hand hundreds of thousands of voxels is the sort of task I don't wish to even my worst enemy :-)
> Thank you so much for your time and looking further for your reply!
> Sincere regards,
> Iulian
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