Can't score the primary particles by BEAMPART(210) in subroutine of BXDRAW in mgdraw.f?

From: Hantao Jing <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 09:58:07 +0800

Dear FLUKA experts,
          The primary particle is proton. I want to score the primary
particles by using the mgdraw.f, but I score nothing by the following
code in BXDRAW,

        IF( JTRACK.EQ.210) THEN

            IF(MREG.EQ.3 .AND. NEWREG.EQ.4) THEN

               WRITE(62,200) XSCO,YSCO, PTRACK, WTRACK



If I score the proton (namely JTRACK.EQ. 1), everything is OK. How can
separate the primary protons and produced protons in BXDRAW?
        Thank you very much!

With my best regards,
                               Hantao Jing
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