FLUKA electron bug

From: Belousov_at_mi.infn.it, Anton <Belousov_at_mi.infn.it>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 20:22:11 +0200

  I have noticed 2 strange things (bugs)

  In the first scenario a Heavy ion beam is dumped into Al target. It's
  air (custom material) outside and Iron backwards (beam dump). USRBIN
  DOSE calculation shows strange distribution for electrons and this
  affects overall dose. By strange distribution I mean a huge peak on
  some distance, which is represented by circles on the cut.
  plots attached:
  HHDDOSEall1.png? USBIN DOSE for all particles
  HHDDOSEelectron1.png? USBIN DOSE for electrons only
  HHDDOSEelectron10.png? the same with smooth scale
  HHDdose.inp? input file

  The second simulation is an isotropic electron source of 0.0015GeV -
  the same kind of absolutely strange USRBIN DOSE distribution. It's
  only air everywhere, but divided into subregions. That's where I also
  see the second bug - ununiformity because of these virtual regions of
  the same material.

  Best regards,
  Anton Belousov

HHDDOSEall1.png HHDDOSEelectron1.png HHDDOSEelectron10.png electron_test.png
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