RE: Dose or Dose-rate of Activation radiation

From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:15:38 +0200

Hallo Patrick,

yes it is possible! A very useful feature of the FLUKA code is that the
generation and transport of the residual radiation is possible during the same
simulation where the radionuclide production is calculated. You can give in
input your proper irradiation profile and get in the same runs the results
for the production of the residuals in your water container, their time
evolution and the residual doses corresponding to the cooling times you
want to know.

To be guided you can look at the Lecture:

and also at the exercice that follows.



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Subject: Dose or Dose-rate of Activation radiation

Hello everybody,

i am doing some activation simulations. Now my interst is the dose placed by
the radiation of produced nuclides in a water container near the target.
Is this possible with FLuka?


Patrick Dethlof
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