Strange secondary particle ID

From: Joseph Comfort <>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 15:26:34 -0700

I am looking at some details from the USDRAW routine. An event starts
with K0L --> pi- e+ nu. Then the pi- has an elastic interaction (icode
= 100) and produces 2 particles (np = 2): a pi- and a -601200.

Later in the chain, a neutron is produced. The neutron has an elastic
interaction (icode=100) and produces 2 particles: a neutron and a -601200.

What is a -601200? What is the meaning of an 'elastic interaction' in
which 2 particles are produced? I also have interactions with icode=100
and 2 secondaries that are 'normal' (e.g., n --> n + photon).
How am I to understand the behavior?

Thank you.

Joe Comfort
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