thermal neutron capture in Hydrogen

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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 17:54:07 +0530

Dear fluka experts
We are trying to find out the reaction rate of the thermal neutron capture
reaction 1H(n,gamma)2D. We have taken a cylinder (rad = 1.784cm, H = 10cm)
filled with hydrogen at a density 1g/cm3. We have used the following
tallies (by taking all the integral values, surface=1, volume=1):
1) The USRTRACK to find out the integral thermal neutron fluence (Phi) in
the volume of the cylinder. This output is used to calculate reaction rate
(N*sigma*Phi) by taking sigma = 0.33 barns. (of course we got N*sigma*Phi=
2) The RESNUCLEI to find out the production of 2D.
3) The USRBDX to find the out the number of capture gammas (2.2MeV)
crossing the cylinder.
But none of these three values match with each other. We are attaching the
input and output files. Please suggest any correction in the input file.

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