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From: Maruyama, Takashi <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 09:07:31 -0800

FLUKA has photo-nuclear interaction but no electro-nuclear interaction. Depending on your target thickness, you may not need the electro-nuclear interaction. If the target is much thicker than 5% radiation length, the photo-nuclear interaction is dominant. If the target is much thinner than 5% r.l., you can still use the equivalent photon approximation, Budnev et al, Phys. Rep, 15C, 181 (1975). You don't need to wait for the FLUKA implementation. The GEANT4 implementation of the electro-nuclear interaction uses the same algorithm.
   Takashi Maruyama

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Dear Fluka Experts,

Is there any plan to implement electron-proton collision to FLUKA ?

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