GCR and SPE sources

From: mojdeh najm <mm.anjom_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 09:30:40 +0330

Dear FLUKA experts

At first I appreciate Mr.Joachim for valuable points, I changed What(1) to
initialize other elements and regarding second part, I should say that I
try to consider all interactions so it is better to set ion splitting but I
do not know how to set it completely.

Moreover, I have not yet got answer of whole following questions:

1) What are the main shape of GCR and SPE sources? Are their shapes FLOOD,
SPHE-VOL or it should be set manually?

2) in SPECSOUR, what are Sampling index and Transition energy (as what(5)
and (6))? Should I set them?
3) I have Badhwar and Oneil's software to generate GCR spectra in various
Solar circumstances, How can I link them to FLUKA input file?

4)And, should be GCR-SPE card called to transport GCR and/or SPE with
geomagnetic field? So it is not suitable for us because I want to simulate
GCR and SPE in GEO orbit. Am I right?

I appreciate you in advance.

Mojdeh Anjom
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