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Regarding your question about point wise cross sections, please note that (according to the FLUKA manual) pointwise neutron cross section for Boron-10 exists only for the reaction 10-B(n,alpha)7-Li, while there is no reference to any pointwise cross section for Ar-40.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that you got the error message about not finding pointwise cross sections for Ar-40. As for not finding a specific message of having pointwise cross-sections activated for 10-B, it may be due to not having triggered that specific reaction, but maybe I could have a closer look if you would share at least the LOW-MAT and LOW-NEUT cards that you used.


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Subject: Invoking the pointwise cross sections

Dear All,

I was trying to activate the point wise cross sections in FLUKA . This is invoked using LOWNEUT and LOWMAT cards. For Li-6 (n.alpha), MATERIAL
LITHIU-6 was defined and material identifiers (3,6,296) were used. Output file clearly indicate that the point wise cross section activated for material LITHIU-6.

A similar attempt was made with BORON-10 with identifiers (5,10,296). The output did not print any specific message about activating the point wise cross sections. But for ARGON-40 with material identifiers (18, 40, 296), the following message is printed in the output.


***Impossible to open file****


***on unit 1***

**** the file 180400-293.pwx for pointwise

**** neutron cross section cannot be accessed****.


I am using the FLUKA 2011.2.17 version.

Can someone tell me what is happening?

Thank you

Best regards

Biju Keshavkumar

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Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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