Re: Can I define optical property for a wide wavelength range ?

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 13:52:19 +0100

Dear Zhiqiu Li,

I do not fully understand your remark claiming the limitation to a linear
dependence of the refraction index on wavelength, since three orders
of derivative (and not the first only) can be input.

Anyway, the user routine Rfrndx.f (see in the manual) is exactly designed
to allow you to give the refraction index RFRNDX as a function of the
actual wavelength WVLNGT [cm], implementing in principle any curve.

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On Wed, 9 Jan 2013, zhiqiu li wrote:

> Dear group,
> I want to simulate Cherenkov optical photon production within a wide
> wavelength range, 200 nm to 800 nm for example.
> But for the refraction index, according to the manual of OPT-PROP, I
> can only define its value at center wavelength with 3 order of
> derivatives.
> So the curve of refraction index v.s. wavelength should be linear for
> this simulation to be accurate. But it is impossible for my case with
> wide wavelength range.
> My question is:
> 1. Is there a way to interface a user routine to provide refraction
> index for different wavelengths during simulation? How?
> 2. If 1 is impossible, can I modify the code of optical photon
> transmission of FLUKA to realize my idea? Can anyone give me some hint
> about where to start?
> Thanks for your help !
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