FLAIR v1.1 Announcement

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <Vasilis.Vlachoudis_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 17:31:58 +0000

Dear FLUKA/flair users

I am happy to announce you that "flair V1.1"
has just been released http://www.fluka.org/flair

In this version the geometry editor engine has been completely reworked:
1. fully parallelized, in order to profit from the modern multi core architectures.
    You will notice a boost in performance in the 3D plotting as well 2D of complicated
    geometries when using a multi-core machine.
2. increase in floating point precision accuracy from 1e10 - 1e-10 to 1e15 - 1e-15
    by improving the robustness of the floating point operations
3. speed improvements resulting in 20-30% gain for a single thread
4. simplification the interface

Apart from several bug fixes the most important additions are the
   - Change the layers interface. Now only the active layers are shown for
     increased readability
   - Edge detection in 3D
   - Use of projection bodies for displaying USRBIN information in 3D
     (e.g. fluence on transparent regions)
   - Selection of regions by mouse clicking in 3D (when the 2D layer is not displayed)
   - Support of multiple USRBIN projection
   - Support of multiple palettes e.g. grey for density and color for
     energy deposition
   - Support of multiple fonts as well user defined fonts
   - Display region names
   - [d]efine zone will automatically create a new region if no region is selected
   - New shortcuts:
       [c] centers all displays (apart the 3D) on the same position
       [F2] edit the name of the selected object
       [m] edit the material of the selected region
       [Home] equivalent to 0 center viewport to 0,0,0
   - Experimental importing of Dicom files and conversion to Voxels or USRBIN
   - Modification in the Run list and spawning interface. The spawn button is
     removed and spawning is performed by typing in the number of cores in
     the "Spawn" column
   - Run-loops added. Perform a series of runs with a define variable
     changing its value on run-per-run
   - The default name of the USRxxx data processing is changed to add
     the default extensions to the created files.
   - Plots can be also cloned, created, deleted and change type by Right-clicking
     on the project tree.
   - Save/restore calculator information
   - Clone/Delete/Change type of plots from the tree with right-click
   - Correct #includes
   - Autosave input during editing in flair-autosave.pickle file. In case
    of crash you can recover by opening flair the pickle file as a normal input.
    The autosave time is user configurable and initially set to 2min.

I would appreciate if your could test the new version and provide me with
feedback on problems, comments and suggestions in order to be improved.

Best Regards
Vasilis Vlachoudis

P.S. This message is sent to the fluka-users and fluka-discuss lists as
     well as to some other lists internal to the FLUKA Collaboration. I
     apologize to all those who will get it twice or more
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