Problem with MGDRAW

From: Jeremy Northum <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:00:26 -0600

Dear FLUKA users,

I am having trouble with the boundary crossing entry of MGDRAW. For some
reason, it looks like MGDRAW is not being called for electrons or photons.
I have generated an input and mgdraw.f file (attached) that illustrates
this problem. When I set the beam particle to PROTON, NEUTRON, or 4-HELIUM,
for example, everything seems to be working just fine and a USERDUMP file
is created with the requested information. When I change the beam particle
to PHOTON or ELECTRON, however, the USERDUMP file is not even created.

I have tried switching between PRECISIO and EM-CASCA defaults but that does
not seem to change anything. Any help would be appreciated.


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