Medical linear accelerator

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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 15:55:34 +0000

Dear FLUKA expert,

I did a Monte Carlo simulation of the 6MV Varian medical linear accelerator using FLUKA on a 16core university computer. the run took about 6 days. The PDD curves was in very good agreement with measured ones at hospital and with the Monte Carlo results using BEAMnrc code. However, the beam profile at dmax or at any depth in the water phantom did not match with both the measured and the simulated ones with BEAMnrc.

Could anyone check my input file (especially the transport and the basing cards) and tell me if I should change any parameter which can improve my results and reduce the simulation time.

Note: I changed the dimensions and the materials composition of my geometry because of the confidentiality agreements with Varian manufacturer.

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Maan Najem
Postgraduate Researcher
Department of Physics
Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences
University of Surrey
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