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From: Eleni Aza <>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 13:22:26 +0000

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Dear Anna,
I am simulating all nuclear reactions of interest in slow neutron detection for the development of a new device, and since Gd-157 is a super neutron converter, that's why I asked for this specific isotope. Of course I could use natural Gd in other cases, but the study I am carrying out needs to be very precise. I am looking forward to the extension of low-energy neutron cross-section library!

Aza Eleni
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Dear Eleni Aza,

I suppose you are using some target with enriched gadolinium, since natural gadolinium is already present in the library.

We can say that an important extension of the FLUKA low-energy cross-section library is planned for the next FLUKA (major) release. To decide if Gd-157 will be included (Alfredo can correct me), we have to look at the "quality" of the evaluated data files for Gd-157.... in any case, I don't think that a data set for each of the 6 isotopes of the natural gadolinium will be implemented.

Hope it helps for the moment,

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Dear FLUKA team,

I would like to ask if you have the intention of adding the low-energy neutron cross-section of Gd-157 in the library. I believe that a lot of people working with neutrons would benefit from this move.

Aza Eleni
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