Re: Flair and problem with saving 'png', gif, or jpg' files

From: Mina Nozar <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 17:40:29 -0700

Dear Francesco,

Thank you for your help. The 'test' you suggested works. No error

And as I mentioned, If I enter the plotting commands within flair for a
given plot (and for a png file type) via a test file, 'test.gnuplot'
directly from gnuplot, I get the desired output in a png format,
eLinBD10_DoseEq_Photon_and_Neutron_Y.png. I have attached both.

But when I try creating the same output within flair, I always get zero
size files if I choose png, jpg, or gif for output file type in the drop
down menu. It is rather strange and especially annoying since the
latest version of openoffice (presentation) does not render eps files
when I export the output to pdf.

Best wishes,

On 13-08-27 01:35 AM, Francesco Rossetto wrote:
> Dear Mina,
> the best thing you should do now is to run gnuplot alone and try to
> plot some random stuff with the output set in gif format (e.g.). To do
> that follow those steps:
> * open Gnuplot by terminal
> * write the following instructions:
> set term gif
> set output 'out.gif'
> test
> At this point do you view any error message? Do you see anything in
> output? Let me know.
> Kind regards
> Francesco
> Il 26/08/2013 22:00, Mina Nozar ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> I have been having a problem saving plots in 'png', 'gif', or 'jpg'
>> formats. Whenever I try to do this, I get an output file of zero
>> size. I don't see an error message in the output window.
>> When I try to create this file by hand through gnuplot on the same
>> machine (i.e. with the same version of gnuplot, V4.2) , the file gets
>> saved and looks fine when I go to view it. So far, I have been getting
>> around this problem by converting the 'eps' file but I would rather not
>> have to do this in multiple steps. Anyone knows what is going on?
>> Anyone is seeing a similar problem?
>> Thanks and best wishes,
>> Mina

(image/gif attachment: out.gif)

(image/png attachment: eLinBD10_DoseEq_Photon_and_Neutron_Y.png)

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