[fluka-discuss]: Low energy neutrons - Floating point exception

From: Artem Zontikov <zontikov_at_nf.jinr.ru>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:04:37 +0400

Dear users and experts,

I've just faced a problem with simulating low-energy neutrons penetrating
in some pre-defined materials. Fluka 2011.2b-4 crashes with floating point
exception when pre-defined hydrogen or nitrogen is used (or compounds with
them - i.e. water or air) as a material. Here is an information from
debug and all other files are in the attachment:

Program terminated with signal 8, Arithmetic exception.
#0 kasneu_ (ekin=0x99487a8, pla=0x9948840, wate=0x9948860, txx=0x9948848,
    tyy=0x9948850, tzz=0x9948858, xx=0x9948740, yy=0x9948748, zz=0x9948750,
    llo=0x9948714, mmreg=0x9948700, ldcynt=0x9943934, ierr=0x9943874)
    at kasneu.f:631
#1 0x0811507b in kaskad_ (ierr=0x9943874) at kaskad.f:3844
#2 0x08107841 in feeder_ (kendcn=0x98c9f5c) at feeder.f:257
#3 0x0804e46f in flukam_ (iflgeo=0x8661a98) at flukam.f:3150
#4 0x08049492 in MAIN__ () at fluka.f:289
#5 0x08661989 in main ()

Other pre-defined materials do not reproduce this error. Using LOW-MAT
option with other material's cross-section attached to hydrogen or
nitrogen makes error to disappear as well.

Looking for any help, thanks in advance.

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