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From: Alberto Fasso' <fasso_at_mail.cern.ch>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 10:15:41 +0200

Dear YuanChen,

> I'm very sorry to disturb you again.I have a problem to ask you.
> When I set single scattering at the boundary,I find the result is basically
> the same as not setting the single scattering at the boundary.In the input
> file,the electron energy is 3.8MeV,and the minimum geometry I define has
> layers as thin as 200 MICRONS.
> The single scattering at the boundary,
> MULSOPT 1.0 1. 1. 3.0GLOBEMF

> Now,First,why I must set single scattering at the boundary?

Nobody says that you MUST. You can, if you think that you will get a better
result. At a boundary, a multiple scattering step is truncated, while Moliere's
theory of multiple scattering doesn't account for boundaries. In most cases,
(but depending on the accuracy you wish to achieve), you don't see any
significant difference by setting single scattering at the boundary. In some
cases, however, you do, and you can get some unphysical artifacts. However,
there are in FLUKA sufficient protections to avoid most of such artifacts.

> Second,once I set single scattering at the boundary,How is the particle
> transported in the whole target? In my eyes,The Fluka code first deal with the
> particles transport with mutiple scattering.But,when the particles reached the
> boundary,the Fluka code deal with the particles transport with single
> scattering.Am I right?


> Best regards
> YuanChen

But please, don't send me your questions privately. FLUKA questions should
be asked on the FLUKA discussion list.


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>> Dear YuanChen,
>> here is the paper you requested. But keep in mind that it is 13 years old,
>> and the FLUKA models have been improved since 2000.
>> Alberto Fasso`
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>>> Dear fasso,
>>> I'm very sorry to bother you.But,I have no chioce.Recently,I have been learning the knowledge about the electron transport.To solve some problems,I need to see your paper"A. Fasso, A. Ferrari, P.R. Sala Electron-photon transport in FLUKA: status Proceedings of the Monte Carlo 2000 Conference, Lisbon, October 23{26 2000, A. Kling, F. Bar~ao, M. Nakagawa,L. Tavora, P. Vaz eds., Springer-Verlag Berlin".
>>> Thanks for your time.I'm looking forward to receive from you.
>>> Best Wishes
>>> YuanChen

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