[fluka-discuss]: linking with dpmjet

From: Andrew Taylor <taylora_at_cp.dias.ie>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 17:24:18 +0000

Dear Fluka people,

Although I've read that the routine

links to fluka with RQMD-2.4 and DPMJET-3,
I wanted to check with someone familiar with
using this that I was doing things correctly
(my results following doing this linking look
the same as without doing the linking).

Am I correct in presuming that simply
running the above mentioned routine before running
my fluka input file ensures the dpmjet routines
are linked?

Kind regards,

Dr. Andrew Taylor-Castillo
School of Cosmic Physics
Dublin Institute for Advanced Study
office: +353 16621333x337
mob.: +353 877116296
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